The Plank of Sinlessness

Written on 05/02/2023
Christian Dunn

Verse: 1 John 8:9

If we claim to be without sin, we deceive ourselves and the truth is not in us.  If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness. 

Most of us (including me) do not like to admit to others, and to ourselves, that we are sinners.  We say “We make mistakes”, or “we are not perfect”, or “we are only human.”   But the Bible says that we are all sinners (Romans 3:23).  I was with a group of friends this weekend and let my frustrations and ultra-competitiveness show during a game.  God’s been working with me on this and so I asked him where this is coming from and I believe he pointed to pride.  So I confessed this sin to him (he already knew) and to another person.  

As these verses say, it is easy to deceive ourselves into thinking that we are good people that intend good things for others and do not sin against them.  But if we are honest with ourselves, we know the thoughts we have (anger, jealousy, pride, greed, lust, judgement) that may or not slip out into actions.  To maintain this deception, we have to act pure and righteous under our own power.  That is very hard to do and is a façade.  This can keep us from having real relationships with others because we don’t reveal and share our real selves.  

It is better for us to admit that we are sinners and that we are saved by the blood of Jesus.  Everyone is struggling and, by admitting (confessing) that we are sinners, we can join with them in the struggle.  The word “confess” here means “to keep on confessing.”   The act of confessing really says to God that we need Him and His forgiveness.  If we have no sin, Jesus died for no reason.  If we admit to being sinners, we need Jesus and the power of the cross to cleanse us.  Admitting and confessing our sins puts us in the correct relationship with God.  He is God, the only righteous one without sin, and we are his children, who he loves and cares for.  If we don’t admit the truth about us, then we put up walls between us and God’s saving grace.  We say that we can take care of it.  We don’t need God.  

This is a big plank that we need to remove from our eye.  This plank that blinds us from our own sin is keeping us in bondage and from a right relationship with God.  Spend some time in prayer today to ask the Holy Spirit where you might have this plank and His help in removing it.  

Lord God, we confess that we are sinners and that we need you and your purifying power to forgive our sins.  Help us today to take these truths into our lives and take out any barriers that keep us from you.