I'm Broken

Written on 06/21/2022
Christian Dunn

Verse: Psalm 80:19

Restore us, Lord God Almighty;
    make your face shine on us,
    that we may be saved.

Do you need some restoration this morning? Is your heart in need of healing?

My wife sometimes restores old furniture. It's amazing to watch the process. She takes something old and beaten up with scratches and paint chipping off. And she makes it look brand new - better than before. But it's not magic. She turns her full attention towards this thing for days. She works and works and works to get it just right. 

Imagine God doing that for us. I love how this verse says "make your face shine on us." For his face to shine on us what does he have to do? He has to look at us? To turn his attention towards us, like my wife turns her full attention towards this furniture.

This is the word for you this morning. If you are in need of restoration, look to Jesus and ask for him to begin the process of restoration in your life. No person is too broken and dirty for Jesus. As his face shines upon you, you will begin to heal and grow and change by the power of his love and grace.

God I need to be restored. Please shine your face upon me and bring healing to me.