Don't Get Tricked!

Written on 04/26/2022
Christian Dunn

Verse: Colossians 2:1-5

For I want you to know what a great conflict I have for you and those in Laodicea, and for as many as have not seen my face in the flesh.  That their hearts may be encouraged, being knit together in love, and attaining to all riches of the full assurance of understanding, to the knowledge of the mystery of God, both of the Father and of Christ, in whom are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge.  Now this I say lest anyone should deceive you with persuasive words. 

Have you ever been tricked by anyone? My son tried to play a practical joke on me once when he was younger. He put shaving cream on my phone when I was sleeping, and he was waiting for me to wake up then he'd call it. Unfortunately, while he waited the shaving cream "melted" and got into the speaker. And broke it. Not exactly the "trick" he was hoping for!

Paul is writing about a more serious form of being "tricked." He is reminding his readers to hold fast to the Truth, and not to be deceived by people with persuasive words. His concern is that the early believers would lose track of what was really true about Jesus and follow teachings from people who were preaching a deceptive message.

This caution is still relevant today. There are people who are preaching "other forms" of the Gospel message. They are distorting it for their own gain, for their own popularity, or to be accepted by culture. Their words can be persuasive at times and truly cause confusion. 

The caution here is to keep the focus on Jesus and on being in loving Christian community. If you are wondering or struggling with ideas and "teachings" from the certain people claiming to teach the truth about Jesus, read the Bible! Check it out for yourself! Pray - and go to strong respected Christians and ask them these questions. Don't just go with whatever seems easier or popular. 

I pray for wisdom to discern what is really true, and what is deceptive.