Enemies of our Soul

Written on 04/12/2022
Christian Dunn

Verse: Proverbs 25:28

Like a city whose walls are broken through
    is a person who lacks self-control.

In the time when this was written, the walls of a city were incredibly important as a defense for the people living there. If the city walls were broken through, bad things were about to happen. 

It's a powerful analogy to think about your life, and how self control is a built-in  defense system. When we have self control and make choices that align with God's plan for us, our lives are better. They are more full of love, joy, peace, and connection to God and others. However, when we lack self control, it's like our defenses come down. The defenses around our heart, our mind, and our well being stop working, and all sorts of negative (and even evil) things can "get in."

When we lack self control, then, we end up having to deal with shame, guilt, self hatred, inappropriate thoughts, messed up relationships, hurt feelings, broken hearts, and more. A lack of self control is like letting down your defenses and welcoming all sorts of negativity into your life. 

God's heart for us is to walk in the Spirit so we can know his blessings in our life. Choosing self control is one way to connect with those blessings, and find a more flourishing and faith-filled life. Not choosing self control is a way to invite in the many enemies of our soul. It is opening the door to the things that destroy our sense of love and peace, and steal our joy. Let's lean in to self control and build those walls strong around our lives.

Help me to learn self control God. Help me to see the fruit in my life of having strong walls built against the enemies of my soul.