Battling Shame

Written on 07/17/2021
Christian Dunn

Verse: Proverbs 29:3

a companion of prostitutes squanders his wealth.

If you take time to read the book of Proverbs, you will see a ton of warnings against lust and adultery. This one stuck out to me. 

I was thinking about how pornography can so easily "steal your wealth." But I'm not talking about physical money. I'm talking about your heart, your love, your life, your is an empty promise that steals away the wealth of your heart.

I think the reason the writers of Proverbs speak about lust so much, is that they know how sneaky it is. In our times, it is so easy to find access to content that is lustful. You can literally find it in any social media app. It is everywhere.

And we rationalize it don't we? "It's not that bad." "At least I'm not ____________." "I don't really have a problem." "It's not hurting anyone."

The truth is, it is hurting you. If you are looking at lustful content on a regular basis, most likely you are also dealing with shame. This is not the place that Jesus wants you to live. Shame is not from him. 

This post is not meant to beat you up at all. We all have struggles. My hope in sharing this with you, is to encourage you that you are not alone. The enemy loves to tell us that we are the worst, and that no one would understand. That is simply not true. I encourage you to share your issues with a trusted mentor. It really helps to confess our sins to others (see my last post). 

The shame and sin you may be in right now, is not who you are in Christ. God wants to free you from both. He wants to fill your heart with his love, joy, and peace. Even while you are still battling sin! God doesn't wait for us to be perfect. 

His love is greater than shame. And it's greater than sin. Give yourself a break, and share with someone, get some prayer, and allow his love to touch your life.

God I pray that you would fill me with your love and your healing. Cast out shame from my heart God.