Make a Decision!

Written on 07/01/2021
Christian Dunn

Verse: Proverbs 15:22

Plans fail for lack of counsel, but with many advisers they succeed.

When my wife and I go out on a date, we have the same conversation every time. I'll ask her, "where do you want to go?" And her reply every time for 23 years has been, "I don't want to decide, you decide." For about 20 years I fought that. Now I just make a decision!

Are you good at making decisions or not? Some people it seems to come naturally to, but others (like my wife) can struggle with even the smallest ones. 

The problem is, you will have many decisions to make in your life. If and where to go to college. What to major in. What career path to pursue. If and when to get married. Who to marry. If and when to have kids. If and when to move. What ministries to pursue. How to spend your money. And so on!

Our society tends to tell us that we should look within ourselves to "find our own truth." That message puts pressure on you to basically figure all of these important decisions out all by yourself! The answer is already in you—just look harder! Look deeper!

The Bible would tell us something different. It would say that you aren't trying to look deeper inside for direction, but you are looking to God. He has direction for your life, and as this Proverb tells us, one of the great ways to find God's direction is by seeking the counsel of other wise believers.

Let this Proverb be like a tool in your life-toolbelt. When making big decisions, always consult other wise believers whom you trust. When I was deciding whether or not to marry my wife, I asked 5 trusted older Christians to pray with me and seek God. I sought their counsel and their advice. And it led Mandy and I to get some counseling and prayer before we got engaged. It was a powerful time in our lives.

What decisions do you have before you? Heed the advice of this Proverb: get some counsel from people whose lives of following Jesus you respect.

Thank you Jesus that you have not left me alone, but have given me other believers who can guide me and help me find your path!